Marketing Toolkit

Presentation Materials

To get started with sharing Summit high adventure programs with your crew, we’ve put together a library of files you can download that will get your Scouts pumped.

Check it out.


Skateboarding (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Canopy Tour (High Quality)

The Rocks (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

The River (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Sizzler Video (High Quality)

Pre Jamboree 2014 Program Videos

Overview (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

The River (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Helmets & Harnesses (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Wheels (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

Marksman (High Quality) (Medium Quality)

2014 Programs Overview Presentation (.pptx) and speaker notes (.pdf)

2014 Programs 11×17 Brochure (.pdf)

Individual Program Info

Dig into the nitty gritty of each program with these handy fact sheets.

Summit Experience fact sheet (.pdf)

Wheels fact sheet (.pdf)

Helmets & Harnesses fact sheet (.pdf)

The Marksman fact sheet (.pdf)

The River fact sheet (.pdf)

Adventure Photography fact sheet (.pdf)

Forms and Instructions

To get to the Summit, you’ve got to do a little paperwork. No big deal. Just download the appropriate form, fill it out, submit it, and you’re on your way. Be sure to read through the reservation instructions first!

Reservation Instructions (.pdf)

Unit Registration Form (.docx) - Summit Experience

Unit Registration Form (.docx)- Wheels, Helmets & Harnesses, The Marksman, The River

Provisional Registration Form (.docx)

Website Promotion Materials

Council Banners (.zip)

Embed the Summit Blog feed on your council website!